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Hitachi Appliances, Inc.

Absorption & Centrifugal Chiller

Centrifugal Chiller

Hitachi's High Technology and Rich Experience Realized High-Efficiency Chillers.

Absorption Chiller-Heater

Hitachi Developed Next-Generation Absorption Chiller-Heaters to Realized High Efficiency by Fully Utilizing Creativity and Advanced Technologies.

Heat Recovery Type Absorption Products

Hitachi absorption chillers exploits waste heat as heat source for various energy saving systems.

  • Cogeneration Equipment
  • Low temperature Hot Water Absorption Chiller (Single effect)
  • High Temperture Hot Water Absorption Chiller
  • Absorpiton Heat-pump
  • Direct Exhaust Gas and Hot Water Type
  • Non-freezing Fluid Absorption Chiller (Brine chiller)

District Cooling System

Absorption and Centrifugal Chiller for District Heating and Cooling.