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Hitachi Appliances, Inc.

Home Appliances Business

Hitachi: The brand of choice

In response to ever-changing lifestyles, Hitachi Appliances offers electrical home appliances that enrich and enliven the various aspects of people's daily lives. In addition to seeking comfort and energy savings, we are actively undertaking efforts to realize Universal Design and Usability that takes into account user's perspectives.

Refrigerating and Air conditioning product Business

Encompassing sales, installation and services

Hitachi Appliances offers Refrigerating and Air conditioning products from home to industrial use that extend from room air conditioning systems to packaged air conditioning systems for stores and offices, as well as chiller units and centrifugal chillers for buildings, hotels and hospitals, spot air conditioners for commercial use.
While our low-temperature control systems are widely used in facilities such as food processing plants, distribution warehouses and ice skating rinks, Hitachi Appliances also provides products in other areas such as biotechnology and chemical research environments.

Environmental products

LED Lighting Business

We have a broad range of LED light bulbs such as downlights, spotlights and energy conservation/long-life LED light bulbs and LED lighting equipments. We also have a lineup of fluorescent ceiling lights with improved performance in energy conservation.

Residential Solar Power Generation Systems Business

We steadily meet fast-growing needs including development of products based on our own inverter technology.

All-Electric Housing Business

Clean, comfortable and energy-saving living environments

Hitachi Appliances places a strong emphasis on its all-electric housing business proposing comfortable living with a focus on electricity. In this respect, we are making comprehensive proposals evolving around Eco Cute (highly efficient heat-pump water heater using CO2 natural refrigerant), which absorbs heat from the open air and efficiently heats water, and induction heating (IH) cooking heaters installed in system kitchens.