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Hitachi Appliances, Inc.

Our Aim is to be a Global Corporation that Contributes to the Environment by Delivering Lifestyle Innovations

Based on the most important concept of "To see from the customers' perspective", Hitachi Appliances strives to provide solutions with easy-to-use kitchen and home appliances featuring new functions, environment-friendly LED lighting and housing equipment, and refrigerating and air conditioning products.
In this way, we are delivering new values and lifestyle innovations to society and people all over the world. We are also facing the major issue of reducing the environmental load to achieve a sustainable, affluent society.
Utilizing cutting-edge technologies and outstanding manufacturing capabilities, we are continuing to make every effort to improve the energy-saving performance of our products.
Our goal is to be a global corporation that contributes to the environment.

President & Director Takanori Ninomiya

President & Director
Takanori Ninomiya