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Hitachi Appliances, Inc.

Contributing to the Global Environment and Aiming to Be a Global Corporation that Delivers Lifestyle Innovation

Hitachi Appliances, Inc. provides new value through solutions, under the concept of “energy savings, health, and comfort”, with home appliances, lighting and housing equipment, refrigerating and air conditioning products, that have become such a familiar part of our everyday lives. What’s more, in order to contribute to a sustainable society, we will work hard to strengthen our technological development and manufacturing capabilities, improve energy saving performance, and reduce the environmental load.
We will also utilize cutting edge technologies such as the IoT, in which all manner of objects connect to the internet, and artificial intelligence, to provide value on Quality of Life, and we will promote the development of new services that make people’s lives richer.
At Hitachi Appliances, Inc., we aim to contribute to the global environment and be a global corporation that delivers lifestyle innovation.


President Toshiaki Tokunaga